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Reviews: Testimonials

"We had Leboeuf Homes add over 1000 square feet to our bay house keeping the same footprint. We put on a new roof, new windows, siding, decking and remodeled the existing 4 1/2 baths and kitchen. LH touched 98% of the house. Since 2014 we have remodeled two other homes. The work done on the bay house was exceptional and far exceeds the work done in Houston and Colorado. I have learned to appreciate the expertise of Doug Leboeuf not only for the initial result but also for the long lasting result" requiring minimal maintenance

Michael and Tracy Eklund

"Doug & Nicole LeBoeuf built our home on Galveston Bay in 2012. Doug is an experienced builder and he is totally committed to quality and service. He worked with us on every aspect of our home and we thoroughly enjoyed working with both of them. I would hire Doug again in a heartbeat! The house is now 2 years old and we are still impressed every day at the quality and soundness of the construction!"

Jeff and Claire Granberry

"LeBoeuf Homes built our Galveston home. LeBoeuf tore down our old home, pulled out the old slab, and after 6 months of planning, built a stunning home for us. Since we are both from the northeast, we wanted a New England Cottage look. LeBoeuf understood what we were looking for and developed the concept exceedingly well. LeBoeuf uses top quality materials and demands his subcontractors do as well. LeBoeuf sets very high standards for the work the subcontractors do, and is not afraid to rip out some work because he isn't satisfied with the quality of the work. LeBoeuf is not the fastest builder in Galveston as he focuses on quality. They were 2 months late finishing our house, but they were within budget. We've built several houses and this seems to be the norm. The wait was definitely worth it.
We developed a partnership with LeBoeuf based on respect rather than the more common, somewhat antagonistic, relationships between between builders and homeowners. We thought this was necessary as we live in Houston and couldn't check on daily work or the quality of materials used. We had to trust our builder, and LeBoeuf did not take advantage of the relationship in our absence. We built a complicated 4500+ sq. ft. home which is somewhat large on the West End. We doubt, don't know though, that there is another builder capable of doing what LeBoeuf did. We recommend LeBoeuf without hesitation or reservation."

Jon and Pam Crystal

"Collaborating with Doug and Nicole was a terrific experience! They are so knowledgeable about the intricacies of building in a coastal climate, and they take care of all those details. The end result is beautiful and secure, so you know you can enjoy your investment for years to come!"

Kelsey Grant/ Marie Flanigan Interiors

"LeBoeuf Homes built our new home in Galveston as a replacement for an existing home that we owned for several years. They were asked to remove the existing home in its entirety and to build a new home with the latest technology and materials. We went through a planning phase and then had them prepare a cost estimate to complete the work. The home was completed on time at the estimated budget cost. They were easy to work with, very professional, and completed everything on time and according to the plans. We were very happy with the final result and can strongly recommend them to anyone building a home in the Galveston area"

Don Keller

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